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Diversity Tag

Kompetenz durch Vielfalt ist das Motto diesjhäriges Diversity Tages der am 18. Mai 2021 stattfindet. 

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TutorInnenprogramm "Start in die Lehre"

Teaching competence for student tutors

The tutor programme prepares student tutors for their start in teaching and offers them the opportunity to build up and specifically develop their teaching skills throughout the semester. Participants learn to plan and structure their tutorials in a goal-oriented way, to prepare complex subject content for learning and to design tutorials in an activating way. They network with tutors from other subject areas and reflect on their personal learning and development processes. The offer is free of charge.



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Collegial counselling for challenging management situations

We are opening a new group for collegial consultation! In fixed groups and at regular intervals, you advise each other and exchange views on leadership issues from your everyday life. An external and experienced moderator accompanies you through a defined process.

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