Subproject 3: Clarification of the governance of equal opportunity policy.

Management: Doreen Seitz, komm. Head of DE Organizational Development and Processes and Department of Organizational Management.

"KIT as well as all employees, especially those with supervisor and management responsibilities, promote the actual implementation of equal rights for women and men and consider equal opportunities as a consistent guiding principle in all their areas of responsibility. ..." (§ 16 para. 1 KITG)

Equal opportunity is thus a cross-sectional task at KIT, which flows into the core tasks of research, teaching, and innovation. To ensure this, equal opportunities are integrated into structures and processes.

Subproject 3 deals with the governance of equal opportunity policy, i.e. with the legal and factual regulatory framework with regard to the topic of equal opportunity. For this purpose, the statutory and legal framework conditions, the structural as well as procedural anchoring of equal opportunities at KIT are analyzed and examined for optimization potentials.

By identifying and involving all central and decentralized equal opportunity actors at KIT, the respective tasks, competences, responsibilities (AKV) and the essential equal opportunity processes will be clarified and synergies strengthened within the framework of this sub-project with a view to corresponding interfaces. The project results will include recommendations for action and optimization.