How many ECTS points can I acquire as part of the tutor program?
Depending on the course and examination regulations, the tutor program can be credited with 2 ECTS in the area of key qualifications. You can obtain information on this from the responsible supervisor (usually the tutorial coordinator or the examination office) or the respective module handbook.
How are the ECTS points booked for economics students?
If you are studying in the Department of Economics and Management, you will receive a digital certificate of achievement from us after successfully completing the tutor program. You submit this in digital form together with proof of your tutorial activity to the examination office. Participation in the program can only be credited to your studies (curricularly) in the Master's program. In the Bachelor's degree, the program can only be accepted as a voluntary additional service.
Can I take part in the program for tutors more than once?
Since the programs do not build on each other, it is not possible to take part in the tutor program again.
How do I register for the workshops in the in-depth area?
Registration is via the event calendar of the tutor program. Participation in workshops in the in-depth area is only possible if the basic workshop has already been completed.
I have registered for a workshop in the in-depth area, but I would like to take part in another workshop. How can I unsubscribe?
Please register for the new workshop via the event calendar and contact tp∂peba.kit.edu to unsubscribe from the workshop that you no longer wish to attend or are unable to attend.
Can I also take part in more than 2 workshops in the in-depth area?
In order to successfully complete the tutor program, participation in two in-depth workshops is mandatory. You are of course free to attend other events if they support you in carrying out your tutorials. Please register for this in the events calendar an.
Can I only complete individual workshops?
Participation in individual workshops is generally possible if you are working as a tutor in the current semester. The acquisition of the certificate and the 2 ECTS is only possible if the entire program is successfully completed.
Can I get a graded certificate?
No. The program for tutors is a primarily qualification program and therefore an ungraded academic achievement.


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