Project for the implementation of the evaluation results of KIT's equal opportunity policy ("Effectiveness Analysis").


Like all technical and scientific institutions in Germany, KIT faces the challenge of attracting women at all scientific levels and especially for leadership positions and professorships. In order to identify starting points for the further improvement of its equal opportunity measures, KIT commissioned the Competence Center Women in Science and Research (CEWS) to evaluate its equal opportunity policy in 2018.

The evaluation process was the responsibility of the Presidential Board and accompanied by Diversity Management. The evaluators identified four fields of action to increase the effectiveness of equal opportunity measures. Since 2019, these have been systematically addressed in a project to implement the evaluation results. The project comprises four subprojects:

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Subproject 1
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Subproject 2
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Subproject 3
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Subproject 4

The project is closely linked to the EXU project Gender Equity 1, which aims at enabling subject-specific equal opportunity approaches as well as a KIT-wide examination of the topic and thus the further promotion of equal opportunity at KIT.

The project on "Implementation of the Evaluation Results of KIT's Equal Opportunity Policy" is accompanied by Ms. von Vangerow as Project Owner and is financed by the Strategy Fund of the Vice President for Human Resources and Legal Affairs. After project completion in summer 2021, further results from the subprojects will be posted here. Parts of the results will be transferred to other projects and processes of KIT or will be further processed there, in particular in Gender Equity 1.


Contact person

M.A. Katrin Klink
Head of Department Qualification of Scientific Staff, Head of Department Gender and Diversity Management

(0721) 608-48454katrin klink does-not-exist.kit edu

Madita Schneider
M.Sc. Madita Schneider
Referentin für Diversity
Mitarbeiterin KIT-Analyse, Referentin für Diversity

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