„Start in Teaching“ – The Tutor Program at KIT



The program prepares student tutors for their start in teaching and offers them the opportunity to build up and develop their teaching skills during the semester. Participants learn how to plan and structure their tutorials in a target-oriented manner, how to prepare complex subject content in a way that promotes learning, and how to design tutorials in an activating manner. They connect with tutors from other departments and reflect on their personal learning and development processes.

Target Group

The program is aiming at all student tutors who are leading or accompanying a tutoring class in the current semester. The prerequisite for participation is the simultaneous conducting of a tutorial, which results in a close interlocking of further education and teaching experience. All of which is accompanied by the responsible persons of the human resources development throughout the semester.

Program Overview

Start in Teaching” covers the period of one semester and is made up of various modules.


The basics workshop at the beginning of the semester is the starting point of the program. Participants work on topics that support them in the preparation and design of their tutorials, e.g. learning process, motivation, didactic methods, structure and planning of tutorials, etc.

Please note that due to the Covid pandemic, the program will be conducted online. In the online version, the basic workshop takes place via a video conference system followed by a self-learning phase on ILIAS.

In-depth workshops

The tutors choose two further workshops from the in-depth area that fit their tutorial format and their tasks as a tutor. Here, for example, the presentation of subject content, the conducting of colloquia, the support of project teams or difficult teaching and learning situations are explored. Alternatively, depending on the tutorial format, one of the two workshops in the in-depth area can be specified by the tutorial coordinator. In this case, there is the possibility of designing specially tailored workshops with additional topics in cooperation with the respective institutes. In this way, content-related as well as subject-related requirements and specific challenges of the respective tutors can be taken up in an individual concept. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



To promote the development of teaching skills, tutors document and reflect on their teaching experience throughout the semester in an accompanying reflection portfolio (ILIAS). The final step is a short reflection paper in which the tutors reflect on their tutoring activities and their own learning process based on guiding questions.



How many ECTS credits can I earn in the tutoring program?

The program for tutors can be credited with 2 ECTS in the area of key qualifications, depending on the study program and examination regulations. Information on this can be obtained from the responsible supervising person (usually tutorial coordinator) or the respective module handbook.

How do I register for in-depth workshops?

You can register via the program's calendar of events for tutors at: https://www.peba.kit.edu/531.php Participation in in-depth workshops is only possible if the basic workshop has already been completed.


Contact Persons

Doris Segebarth
"Start in die Lehre" - Das Tutorinnen- und Tutorenprogramm am KIT

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