Information for mentors

X-Ment - Mentoring-Program for young scientific talents at KIT

The cross-mentoring program X-Ment gives young researchers at KIT an insight into the structures, processes, and rules of business enterprises and external research institutions. Personal potential, such as management and leadership skills, can be strengthened. Within the mentoring-relationship mentees also have the opportunity to participate in the daily activities of specialists or executive staff.

What do you gain as a mentor?

  • You expand your counselling competencies working closely together with the mentee
  • You reflect upon your own career path
  • You expand your individual network with the contact at KIT
  • You gain food for thought on your own work
  • You get insights into the current situation of scientists

What does your company gain?

  • Expand your professional network to scientific departments at KIT (e.g. electric or mechanical engineering, computer or economic sciences)
  • Boost your image in the public
  • Gain insights into other company cultures for mutual learning

If you commit to a mentoring-relationship what will be expected from you?

  • You support the professional and/or individual development of your mentee.
  • As an experienced person, you exchange views and ideas with your mentee.
  • You and the mentee agree upon frequency and length of meetings according to their available time.
  • We recommend one-to-one meetings in regular intervals.
  • Mentees are interested in career development and guidance on career options. Supervision of their doctoral thesis or scientific research project is not the intended subject of the mentoring process.
  • We support the mentoring relationship with guidelines and stand as a contact person for your questions.

Target group

The program has been designed for doctoral candidates and postdocs affiliated with KIT.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor for a young talent from KIT, please don’t hesitate to contact us.