Subproject 2: Reflection and development of a culture of appreciation at KIT - using the example of equal opportunities.

Tandem leadership: Dr. Anke Diez, Head of DE Human Resources Development and Professional Training & Kamilla Frackenpohl, Human Resources Development Officer.

Based on stakeholder interviews conducted at KIT, a cultural analysis was conducted with a focus on appreciation for the topic of equal opportunities. The results from the interviews will be incorporated into the strategy development process within the framework of the EXU project Gender Equity 1. The main hypothesis of the analyses is that the type of communication and the attitude toward the topic of equal opportunities can still be strengthened. Based on this, measures were developed to increase the effectiveness of the equal opportunity work.

The measures focused on reflection-based methods. By reflecting on communication patterns and content, the aim was to

a) the cooperation of the equal opportunity actors should be made more trustworthy and efficient, and

b) communication on the topic of equal opportunities within KIT should become more effective in the future.

A decision on the implementation of the measures shown below was made in a closed meeting of the Executive Board and the department heads on December 14, 2020.

The measures focused on the following functions:

  • VP Human Resources & Legal
  • Head of the Equal Opportunity Office
  • Equal Opportunity Officer
  • DE Management PEBA
  • PEBA Diversity Staff Office

The measures were successfully implemented from March 2021 to the end of June 2021. Since then, elements from the measures have been incorporated into the regular communication of the equal opportunity actors.