Objectives and Benefits

X-Ment provides insights into structures, processes, and policies of a business enterprise and a science institution.

  • Professional Network

By participating in the mentoring program, the mentees expand their professional network inside and outside of KIT and profit from exchanges among colleagues.

  • Leadership Know-how and Practice

Personal potential, such as self-management and leadership skills, can be further improved in accompanying workshops. In mentoring relationships mentees learn about executive experience and leadership skills from an experienced person and further develop their personal career options. This can enable them to assume leadership positions themselves (in a medium to long term).

  • Advanced Personal Development

X-Ment inspires you on the road to successful career decisions and advanced personal development e.g. awareness for role expectations.


The framework design contains tailored target-group oriented seminars, collegial coaching, and network meetings.



  • Opening Meeting: Personal Roadmap

Analysis of your personal and professional situation and definition of personal career goals as a starting point for career decisions and the mentoring relationship.

  • Mentoring Relationship

The participants are actively involved in the process of finding the mentor. Further information is given at the opening meeting of each course. The mentoring partnership is agreed upon for a certain term, meetings are agreed upon by the mentor and mentee.

  • Workshops

Advanced personal development and (further) development of leadership skills

  • Collegial coaching

Informal exchange of professionally relevant experience

  • Reflection on learning

Didactically guided reflection on personal and professional development and goal attainment

  • Network meetings

Exchange with other networks at KIT

  • Closing event

Joint reflection on the X-Ment course