The Helmholtz Leadership Academy

KIT uses the Helmholtz Academy as a complementary and superordinate measure to its own development programs.


Once a year, a survey of potential candidates is carried out among all institute and DE heads and professors by the Human Resources Development Department (time: late summer/fall).

For all programs of the Helmholtz Academy, with the exception of the program for top executives, the nomination at the Helmholtz Association is carried out exclusively by the central contact person of KIT in coordination with the division heads and the presidium.

For this purpose, please use this nomination form.


The costs for the Helmholtz Academy are to be carried by the sending institute/DE.

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Übersicht aller Programme der Helmholzakademie
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If you need advice regarding the Helmholtz Academy and the selection of programmes/fit for the target group, please contact Mr Ernst Aumüller. For further information, please also contact Ms. Simone Rost.
The KIT's central contact person for the Helmholtz Academy is Ms. Heike Schäfer-Dammert. She makes the nominations at the academy and is also at your disposal for further questions.

Further Information

Further information can be found at:

The Helmholtz Leadership Academy