Subproject 4: Reflection and increase of gender competence among KIT employees

Head: Katrin Klink, Head of Department Diversity Management, DE Human Resources Development and Vocational Training.

Based on interviews with several management and executive staff as well as equal opportunity actors at KIT, further training needs on the topic of gender competence were identified and, among other things, an online training for the development of gender competence was developed. In addition, a process for promoting gender competence at KIT was initiated in a workshop with the presidium and the department heads. The KIT's implementation strategy for increasing gender competence is recorded in a gender competence concept. This will be published here after completion of the project.


Online-Training zum Ausbau von Genderkompetenz

Modul 1: Einführung Gender und Genderkompetenz

Modul 2: Unconscious (Gender) Biases

Modul 3: Geschlechtergerechte Kommunikation

Modul 4: Geschlechtergerechte Personalauswahl

Modul 5: Geschlechtergerechte Lehre, Forschung & Innovation