Potential Analysis and Personnel Selection


We attract the best minds for KIT.

To achieve this goal, the service unit "Human Resource Development and Professional Training (PEBA)" offers potential analyses and structured procedures for personnel selection.

Potential analyses take place at KIT within the framework of appointment procedures for tenure track and junior professorships. This is based on the following idea: In the case of persons who are at an early stage of their career, one can usually only fall back on little information on their previous scientific career and their development in the following years is difficult to determine. Nevertheless, the selection process should be based on as much information as possible in order to minimize wrong decisions. Carrying out an analysis of potential provides information on which interdisciplinary competences the persons already possess today, but also which learning and development potential can be assumed with regard to the individual aspects and thus serves the process.

This idea shapes our work, and not only in the context of supporting appointment procedures. Generally speaking, personnel decisions are among the most important decisions in organizations - especially when it comes to filling management positions. In order to be able to make decisions on as broad an information basis as possible, PEBA offers structured procedures for personnel selection. Using various methods, information on the competencies of applicants is collected during the selection process, enabling and supporting a well-founded decision-making process. In this way, we can add to the goal formulated at the beginning: "We attract the best minds for KIT - and put the right person in the right place."

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