Terms and conditions of participation


Registration must be made in writing, by fax or by e-mail. It is binding. With the registration the participant recognises the terms and conditions of participation. The participant will receive confirmation of acceptance. Where participation numbers are limited, the registrations will be considered in the sequence they were received. In the case of seminars requiring certain levels of prior knowledge, selection is made according to the respective level knowledge already acquired.

Fees and terms of payment

The seminar fees are to be paid in full before the seminar begins. Payment of the fees is requested via a bill. On receipt of the bill, payment is to be made in full and without deducting discounts, quoting the complete bill number.


Until the start of the seminar the participant may withdraw without specifying a reason. If the withdrawal is made after billing and up to two weeks before the start of the seminar, fees already paid will be refunded with 10 % of the seminar fee being deducted to cover administration costs, but only up to a maximum amount of €65. If the seminar fees have not yet been paid, the administration fee will be billed.

Participants who withdraw after the two week deadline, who partly attend the seminars, or who fail to appear at the seminars are obliged to pay the participation fee in full.

Alteration and cancellation of seminar elements

The organiser reserves the right to make changes in dates, locations or course instructors for operational or personnel reasons. Such changes do not entitle participants to withdraw from the seminars concerned or to demand a reduction in the fee.

The organiser additionally reserves the right to cancel seminars, particularly due to insufficient numbers of participants. Fees which have already been paid will, in this case, be refunded. Further claims on the part of the participant are not permitted.

Data registration

By his/her registration the participant agrees to the processing of his/her personal data for purposes relating to the conduct of the seminar and for the provision of information concerning subsequent education programmes.


Liability on the part of the organiser is limited to cases of intentional damage and gross negligence.