Project for the optimization of equal opportunity and diversity marketing at KIT

Science thrives on diverse approaches, perspectives, and expertise to meet the global challenges of our time, such as the energy crisis, climate change or the question of what the mobility of the future will look like. The promotion of equal opportunities and diversity makes an indispensable contribution to attracting the best minds from every career stage to research as well as to the supporting structures in administration and technology, and to support them in freely developing their potential.

The project for the optimization of equal opportunity and diversity marketing at KIT set itself the goal of presenting the numerous equal opportunity activities and measures in a uniform and positive manner both internally and externally, while at the same time increasing the awareness for external presentation on the topic of equal opportunities and diversity. Conducted in 2022, the project comprised three subprojects and was successfully concluded with the launch of a central landing page on equal opportunity and diversity topics.

Aim: Increasing the visibility of equal opportunity work at KIT

 Presentation of equal opportunity work in a positive and consistent way

 Strengthening the awareness of external representation on the subject of equal opportunities

 Development of formats for the preparation of applications and support for strategically important assessments


Project Owner:

Professor Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka


Project Manager:

Katrin Klink (PEBA)

Project Team:


Julia Schuller (PEBA)
Madita Schneider (PEBA)
Nathalie Gaab (STS)
Denis Elbl (STS)
Sarah Wenz (GS ChG)

Steering Committee:


Advisory body

and sparring partner


Subproject 1: Development of an equal opportunity marketing concept for KIT

Based on a comprehensive status quo analysis of the presentation of equal opportunity activities in various information materials and on multiple KIT websites (as of March 2022), a corporate marketing concept as well as key messages for equal opportunities and a catchphrase for diversity - "Excellence through Diversity" - have been developed. These key messages for the equal opportunity work were defined in close cooperation with an advisory committee and based on the question of which messages KIT would like to communicate internally and externally and which statements should be anchored in the minds of the stakeholders.

We identified the following three key messages for equal opportunity marketing at KIT:

Cultural change


The lived cultural change at KIT serves as a catalyst for our equal opportunity work – to this end, we rely on participation processes, gender awareness and the development of gender competence.

Career Promotion


At KIT, we live equal opportunities and offer attractive career paths to excellent women of all experience levels and nationalities.



Further development


We are successfully developing our equal opportunity work to establish equal opportunity programs on the basis of extensive analyses and evaluations.


Subproject 2: Design of a landing page on equal opportunities and diversity

The main achievement from the project is our new central and overarching website on equal opportunities and diversity in German as well as in English.

In addition to the communication of the statement on equal opportunities, the key messages on equal opportunities and the catchphrase for diversity, further specific information is provided, which can be interesting for experts, applicants as well as other stakeholders at KIT. Selected strategic projects which promote equal opportunities and diversity as well as testimonials from KIT make the topic of equal opportunities and diversity personal and referable.

A photo campaign for equal opportunities and diversity marketing, organized by the project team, provides image material for the central landing page and beyond that for free use by KIT institutions, for the design of websites and advertising measures on central and decentralized channels. The resulting images are available under the following link: Diversity Shooting - KIT Mediendatenbank

TP3: Informationsmaterialien und Formaten für definierte Anlässe und Personengruppen

Eine Gruppe von Menschen neben einem großen KIT Logo stehend. KIT

... for a successful presentation of equal opportunity and diversity activities

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Eine Gruppe von Menschen.

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