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Contact person
Simone Belgardt, M.A.

Tel.: (0721) 608-46063
Fax: (0721) 608-43970

simone belgardtPau6∂kit edu

Program Overview


In an analysis of their personal and professional situation, the mentees define their personal career goals that may serve as a basis for the following mentoring relation. The mentoring partnership is agreed upon for a certain term, meetings are agreed upon by the mentor and mentee.


Apart from participation in the workshops, the mentees have the opportunity to join a collegial coaching session and a network meeting.

  • Analysis of personal and professional situation
    Definition of personal career goals as a starting point for the following mentoring relation
  • Workshops
    Impulses for personal advanced development and (further) development of leadership skills
  • Collegial coaching
    Informal exchange of professionally relevant experience
  • Reflection of learning
    Didactically based reflection of personal and professional development and of the goals reached
  • Network meetings
    Exchange with other networks of KIT
  • Closing event
    Joint reflection of the X-Ment course