Tips and Recommendations


Training courses on the subject of employee interviews are offered at least once a year for both managers and employees. For employees, the training is voluntary. New managers should always take part.

Recommendations for managers


  • Ensure a pleasant and trouble-free discussion atmosphere.
  • Lead the conversation by asking open questions (How? What? Which? etc.) so that information flows.
  • Define a common goal for the conversation.
  • Remain confident and formulate concrete statements and avoid, for example, "Under circumstances (what circumstances?) I would try (will he/she do it or not?)".
  • Remain concrete at the end of the conversation.


Recommendations for managers and employees


  • Be open to feedback and use it as an opportunity.
  • Listen actively: develop from being a listener to being an in-listener.
  • Remain authentic in facial expressions, gestures and language.
  • Use simple and short sentences and present facts in a structured way.
  • Convince with reasons and facts and do not focus on yourself and your own interests.


Recommendations for employees


  • Make sure that the main part of the conversation is yours.
  • Pay attention to clear formulations.
  • Insist that a common goal of the discussion is defined.
  • Make sure that the conversation is brought to a binding end.