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Mitarbeiterjahresgesrpäche Grafik


The annual employee interview includes an exchange about the tasks, the cooperation, the development perspectives as well as the general conditions.

On the basis of an in-depth reflection on work behaviour and work results, expectations, ideas and perspectives including concrete measures regarding the employee's professional development can be explored and discussed.

Depending on the qualification and life phase, certain contents can be deepened:

  • For junior researchers, further career planning and development is a particularly important aspect of their qualification phase. It should be given sufficient space in the annual review for staff and systematically considered and advanced. In order to discuss career planning and development, the career guide, which describes the career options of young scientists within and outside KIT, can be used.
  • For managers, the focus on the strategic orientation of the tasks is useful. The Job Assignment instrument can be used as a support for this. The use of this instrument is also possible for other target groups.
  • For long-term employees, the tasks as well as the cooperation can be deepened in particular.


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