Preparation and Postprocessing


Official employee interviews are not spontaneous discussions, but are prepared and structured as follows.

1. arrange appointment

The manager arranges the appointment with the employee at least two weeks in advance. Please reserve sufficient time (at least 1 hour) and a place where you can talk undisturbed in private. Additional participants are only possible in justified exceptional cases.

When making the appointment, please agree on the scope of the meeting, i.e. whether it is a basic meeting or whether further voluntary in-depth discussions are to take place.

The appraisal interview takes place once a year at a time of your choice. However, at the request of the employee, in the event of a change of activity or manager and in the event of a transfer, a further appraisal interview is also possible. In the case of civil servants, the interview should take place before the performance appraisal in order to be able to incorporate the discussed results into the appraisal.

2. hand over the interview guideline

With the help of the interview guide, which you can download in the download section, the appraisal interview is prepared by both participants. Careful preparation is a prerequisite for a successful appraisal interview. The responsibility for the preparation of the content lies with both interview partners.

After the interview

The guidelines filled out in preparation for the interview remain with the interview partners and are not forwarded to Personnel Development (PEW).



At least one week before the annual employee interview, the manager arranges the date and time with the employee. Reserve sufficient time for the interview (at least one hour) and a room where you can speak privately without being disturbed. Additional interview participants are only possible in justified exceptional cases.

Both interview participants can prepare for the interview using the appropriate preparation sheet. Employees use Annex 2 of the service agreement for preparation and managers use Annex 3. The annexes each include impulse questions, an area for notes and a list of questions for detailed preparation. You are free to choose whether you prepare for the interview using the impulse questions or the detailed questionnaire. Careful preparation is a prerequisite for a successful annual performance review. Both participants are responsible for preparing the content of the interview.



The annual employee interview usually lasts between one and two hours. All discussion contents are to be treated confidentially !

It is possible to record the results in writing. For this purpose, you can use Annex 4 Agreement Form or, if you use target agreements, Annex 5. These documents remain with the respective interview participants and are not forwarded to the Human Resource Development and Vocational Training (PEBA).



After the interview, both participants are required to implement the mutual agreements. If there is a need, e.g. to review the agreements made / objectives, further talks can be arranged.


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