Management Feedback


For managers with more than two employees, an annual management feedback is carried out. For this purpose, the employees anonymously fill out a feedback form and forward it to the higher-level manager.

The latter evaluates the feedback forms for each of your subordinate executives and forwards the results to HR Development by 31 December of each year. If there is potential for improvement, i.e. the requirements are not met on average, HR Development holds a discussion with the higher-level manager and the manager being assessed and offers support measures.

The anonymously completed feedback forms are not presented or handed over to the assessed manager!


  • All managers employed under collective agreements, all managers with employment contracts not covered by collective agreements and civil servants up to and including A16 BbesG.
  • For managers outside the scope of application (e.g. university lecturers, senior scientists and members of the Presidential Board), the management feedback is recommended and carried out voluntarily at the request of the manager.


  • The management feedback is organised by the OU heads on their own responsibility on the basis of the service agreement before the annual appraisals for employees are conducted.
  • For OU managers with a TVöD and TV-L employment contract, management feedback is organized centrally via PEBA.

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